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Адаптация сайта tvdok от videtor ucozАдаптация сайта tvdok от videtor ucoz
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Friends, today’s download is a clean and modern web GUI kit in Photoshop format. These web element will help you get started with your next website project.
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Nepamirsk uzsukti
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1. Upload all folders to the root directory of your FTP server.
2. Copy the code of the styles "style.css" and save it with the help of menu item "Design management (CSS)".
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Author: Interout
File Resolution: 800px
Format: Photoshop, PNG
Size: 0.36 MB  (zip)
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1. Sukeliate failus i "file manager".
2. Atsidarote "template.txt" viska nukopijuojate.
3. Einame i "control panel --> page editor --> module design customization --> template builder" Tada ten nukopijuota "template.txt" failo vidu ikeliame i "template builder".
4. Viskas dabar galite grozetis dizainu .

Nepamirsk uzsukti i
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How To Install

To adjust the design of the skeleton to your website in uCoz web service you need to:
1. Upload folders "images" and "fonts" to the root directory of your FTP server.
2. Copy the code of the styles "styles.css" and save it with the help of menu item "Design management (CSS)"...
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