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Windows 7 Product Key Plus Serial
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Categories: Software
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Windows 7 Product Key

When you need to verify and activate your Windows copy after ending 30 days of trial period installation. If you want to activate Windows 7 online you will need Windows 7 Activation key to verify your Windows copy that helps to prevent Software Falsification and updates. You can easily find out Windows 7 pro product key on the inside of your package. If you unable to find your product key, you might requirement to purchase a valid genuine product key. Check how to update Windows 7 online free. When you start the process of Windows 7 Activation, it will ask you for an internet connection. If you have any fine working Internet at your home you can easily activate windows online.

Steps to Activate Windows by using an Internet Connection

  • Click on Start Button, and open Windows 7 Activation.
  • Right Click on Computer, Go to Properties and click on Activate Windows Now.
  • It will ask you for an internet connection connect with an internet and click on Activate Windows Online now.
  • Type Administrator Password and click on OK.
  • Type of your Windows 7 Activation key and then go with the instructions.

Steps to Activate Windows by using a Modem

  • Click on Start, Right Click on Computer, Go to Properties and click on Activate Windows Now.
  • Click on Show me other ways to activate.
  • Write your Windows 7 activation key and click on Next.
  • Now click on Use mu modem to connect directly to the activation service. Type your administrator password and confirm it.
  • Click on the nearest location from the drop down list, Click on the Next and process the instructions.
  • These are two process of Activation Windows if you have valid Windows 7 Activation//product key. I understand! it is pretty quite costly to buy Windows Key from Microsoft. Officially it’s not legitimate method to Activate Windows but I’ve mentioned few latest Updated Windows activation keys below.
  1. KJDSF-H7346-NFDS8-93438-9NFDH
  2. F8934-9834N-KLSDF-NIFN9-84938
  3. FNJKN-89349-8Y4NK-FJDSB-HFJ92
  4. 0797M-KBFGJ-G3469-8364N-DKSBJ
  5. M9821-4KJHG-FDGFB-37Y46-4FGHF
  6. 734BU-YV734-UN78O-EFWKN-E23H7
  7. F8364-FN873-4Y78N-D3728-ND873
  8. 4983W-4YVJN-REFBR-EYFBY-U7873
  10. C8731-94T59-HFIWF-NWOM3-27BDF
  11. 78DSF-146DF-GD578-4JDBV-HFDVB
  12. GFYUEN-SJH7W-84657-67896-34978

Windows 7 Activation Key 64 Bit:

  1. 34F8R-EFUFN-84H45-H4874-5YY4H
  2. R8745-784HF-78347-64GQ3-U7834
  3. HF78N-F787H-3411J-2RUYR-78ASK
  7. JMOJE-WIUE9-34F8R-EFUFN-84H45
  8. H4874-5YY4H-R8745-784HF-7834GF
  9. 764GQ-3U783-4HF78-NF787-H3411
  12. 7434H-DKSJM-FKWOO-JSEXZ-R3648
  13. 9732D-FKJMG-OWJMO-JEWIU-E9834
  14. 095HG-789SE-045U7-809LO-437UY

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